The host institution can apply for a EUROMECH grant of €2000. It will be the responsibility of the LOC to cover the expense of a Conference by seeking subventions from local and national sources and by levying a registration fee on participants. It is a long-standing principle of EUROMECH that the costs should be kept low, and that the attendance of young scientists should be facilitated.

The chairperson should inform all participants that membership is expected in order to register for the conference. Non-EUROMECH members who wish to participate automatically become members for one year when they register for the conference, as specified in the standard EUROMECH event registration form. A copy of the EUROMECH event registration form can be downloaded from the EUROMECH website.
Conference organizers are required to be members of EUROMECH. As such, they have online access to the list of members of the society and they may readily check the membership status of prospective conference delegates.
The full registration fee should include three units of the annual subscription ( =24 €) for each participant who is not a member of EUROMECH. This is additional to the amount which the Chairperson charges in order to cover local costs, and is to be paid by the Chairperson to the Treasurer of EUROMECH within one month of the end of the Conference. The two categories of registration fee should be indicated as follows:
(I)  The full registration fee and
(II) the reduced registration fee for individual and joint members of EUROMECH. All members of EUROMECH should identify themselves as such at the registration desks. The membership will entitle them to a reduced registration fee, which does not include the three units (24 €) mentioned.

Financial considerations should be kept in mind when the location of a future EUROMECH Conference is being considered. Experience with over 500 EUROMECH Colloquia has shown that modest accommodation and simple arrangements are not incompatible with enjoyment of both the scientific discussions and the après-conference.

Additioanl financial support may be sought from the European Science Foundation, via their research conference program (