Call for proposals for Specialized Workshops 2018

EUROMECH members are invited to submit proposals for Specialized Workshops in the fields of Fluid or Solid Mechanics.

Such events are aimed at providing rigorous training in modern specialized topics to young doctoral or post-doctoral students. An active involvement of the participants in intensive project-based team work is an essential component of the event. The workshop should give  participants a quick and effective entry point into a class of emerging theoretical methods and concepts in Mechanics, a set of  experimental techniques or a set of computational methods of wide-ranging potential.
It should provide participants with an appreciation of the relevance of the selected topics in current research.

Participation may vary from 20 up to a maximum of 30 pre- or post-doctoral students who would meet for about one week. A few (one to three) main speakers may be invited to give a pedagogical introduction and lay out key issues and concepts. The organizers and main speakers are expected to design and supervise the work of teams of students on didactic projects, thereby enabling participants to get  hands-on knowledge of the subject matter. Tutorial material may also be made available to the students ahead of time.

The format is clearly distinct from EUROMECH Colloquia and from "European Post-Graduate Conferences" organized by students and for students. Workshops are envisioned as small to medium size in character and their success should be measured in terms of the proficiency acquired by the participants in a particular class of concepts, methods or techniques.

EUROMECH proposes to select only one workshop in Fluid Mechanics and only one workshop in Solid Mechanics, to be held in Europe in 2016.
Financial support from EUROMECH may be granted for a maximum amount of 3000 Euro for each workshop. The likely funding for smaller workshops would be reduced pro rata.

Proposers are encouraged to consider organizing their event in close cooperation with the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (CISM), which might act as a co-sponsor. Please contact Prof. Bernhard Schrefler, Secretary-General of CISM, for further information.

Proposals should include the following information: scientific objectives and context, organizing committee, dates, location, venue, accommodation, expected number of attendees, selection mechanisms of participants, invited speakers and topic of lectures, number, nature and  topic of team projects, availability and dissemination of training  material, time schedule, benefits for participants, budget, etc.

They  should be sent to 

Prof.  GertJan van Heijst (, President of EUROMECH and
Prof. Pierre Suquet, (, Secretary-General of EUROMECH 


Submission deadline: April 7, 2017