EMMC9MECAMAT, 9th European Mechanics of Materials Conference


9 May 2006 – 12 May 2006


EDF facilities of "Les Renardières"
Moret Sur Loing, France


Chairpersons :
J. Besson (Ecole Nationale des Mines de Paris, France)
D. Steglich (GKSS, Germany)
D. Moinereau (EDF les Renardières, France)

Conference Secretariat:
V. Diamantino
Centre des Matériaux Pierre et Marie Fourt / ENSMP
BP 87 -91003 Evry CEDEX -France
E-mail: emmc9@mat.ensmp.fr

Website: http://www.mat.ensmp.fr/EMMC9

"Local approach to fracture"
This conference is the ninth in a new series of European Mechanics of Materials Conferences to be held under the auspices of the European Mechanics Society and the French Society for Mechanics of Materials. These EUROMECH-MÉCAMAT Conferences continue the tradition of past MECAMAT International Seminars.
The purpose of the meeting is to bring together specialists in experimental, modeling and simulation techniques devoted to the analysis of macroscopic fracture based on the description of microscopic mechanisms.