Honorary membership

During its recent meeting on 12 April 2019 in Milan, the European Mechanics Society has awarded Patrick Huerre, former President and Vice-President of EUROMECH, the Honorary Membership of the society.

"In recognition of his profound, seminal contributions to fluid dynamics, and of his long and stimulating support of EUROMECH, as President and later as Vice-President"
As a scientist, Patrick Huerre has deeply influenced the modern views and current developments in hydrodynamic instabilities in open flows, especially through the concepts of convective and absolute instabilities and global modes. 
As a President (2003 – 2012) and Vice-President (2013 – 2018) of EUROMECH, his aim has always been to stimulate the international mechanics community, often bridging gaps between cultures and countries, in a positive, non-political way. His long-lasting action has made EUROMECH become an increasingly important mechanics society, with a well-recognized international reputation.