439Mathematical Modelling of the Dynamic Behaviour of Thin Elastic Structures


24 July 2002 – 26 July 2002


Saratov, Russia


Prof. Leonid Yu. Kossovich
Astrachynskaya 83, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics
Saratov State University
410026 Saratov, Russia
E-mail: KossovichLU@info.sgu.ru

Prof. Julius D. Kaplunov
University of Manchester, UK

Dr. G.A. Rogerson
University of Salford, UK

Euromech contact person: Prof. Irina Goryacheva

The colloquium will discuss recent advances in the mathematical theory of thin elastic structures, including plates, rods, shells, thin coatings and interface layers. Such theories are very useful for space technology, submarine detection and many other high-tech domains. The colloquium topics involve vibration problems, transient waves and fluid-structure interaction. The validity of physical hypotheses underlying some well-known engineering schemes will be discussed. Modern trends dealing with the modeling of materials, involving the effects of anisotropy and/or pre-stress; and the analysis of high-frequency and short-wave phenomena will be of particular interest. Advanced mathematical approaches, in particular asymptotic methods characteristic of thin structures, will be well represented.

Statistics of 36 participants