Preparations for a Colloquium

As soon as a EUROMECH Colloquium proposal has been accepted by the Council (normally at a meeting in April of the year preceding the Colloquium), the Chairperson should start on its preparations.

The first step is to decide definitely on the precise title, date and location of the Colloquium. This information should be sent within the month, together with the title, initials, family name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of him/her self and hiher Co-Chairperson to the Secretary General of EUROMECH, who will use the information for publicity in scientific journals and in the EUROMECH Newsletter.

The next step should be to prepare an announcement for the Colloquium, with a description of the intended scope and the topics to be discussed, which should be sent to prospective participants, to anyone who could help to find participants, and to the Secretary General of EUROMECH. The Secretary General will use the announcement when scientists ask for information about a Colloquium, and also for further publicity in the EUROMECH Newsletter.

Participants should be asked to provide a summary of the work they wish to report, and the programme will eventually be made up on the basis of these summaries. The Chairperson will usually combine them into a booklet for distribution to participants at the meeting. Unfinished work may well be presented, since an important objective of the meeting is to stimulate and assist current research.

The Chairperson will of course need to provide participants with all the information relevant to their accommodation and travel to the meeting place. The purposes of EUROMECH Colloquia are furthered by arrangements which allow all participants to be accommodated in the same place and within walking distance of the meeting room.