Proposal for a EUROMECH Colloquium

The topic of a EUROMECH Colloquium should be of current research interest, and of such breadth as will attract about 50 qualified participants of whom at least 50 % should be from outside the host country.

The proposer should normally be willing to act as Chairperson of the Colloquium, or as Co-chairperson with one or two others (all from different countries). Also, he or she should agree to carry out the duties laid down in the document “EUROMECH Colloquia”. Proposers are invited to check the page "The purpose of colloquia" for more information.

The EUROMECH Council meets every year N in April, and considers all proposals for Colloquia to be held in the subsequent year (year N+1 or exceptionally year N+2). Completed forms should be submitted electronically by providing the information below (in English), usually before the 15th of March, year N. However extensions to the submission deadline can be announced on EUROMECH homepage.

Colloquium general information

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