Running a Colloquium

The Chairperson may decide to take the Chair himself throughout the Colloquium, or he/she may ask a few experienced participants to act as Chairpersons for the different sessions. The Chairperson, and his Scientific Committee, if he/she has one, should remain in control of the Colloquium and, if desirable, adapt the programme in the light of the discussion and papers given up to that point.
More than anyone else the Chairperson will influence the way in which the discussion is conducted and the "atmosphere" of the Colloquium. The discussion in an ideal Colloquium should be lively, informal and penetrating. There must be no parallel sessions; this applies also to poster sessions.
Any time-table which is specified in the programme need not be adhered to rigidly, since it may be assumed that all participants are attending all sessions, and if spontaneous discussion is becoming interesting it should be allowed to continue.
Any language problem should be recognised and overcome. A speaker may choose to use his own language, and the Chairperson should ensure that noone is left unable to understand what is being said, if necessary by arranging on-the-spot translation or explanation of crucial points. English has become a common language of most scientists; but if English is used during most of a EUROMECH Colloquium there is a special obligation on the Chairperson to slow down the delivery of those speakers whose native language is English and to ensure that they are comprehended by everyone.