The cost of holding a EUROMECH Colloquium should be kept low; only in this way can a suitable number of Colloquia be held each year. The host institution can apply for a EUROMECH grant of € 2000. The payment will be made in two instalments: € 1000 is transferred first and the remaining € 1000 will be transferred once the organizers have sent their Colloquium report and the list of newly registered EUROMECH members. The cost of organizing the meeting has to be covered by the host institution. Participants are generally expected to cover their own travel and subsistence expenses, but the Council is always grateful for any support that a Chairperson is able to obtain from local, national or other sources.

Sometimes, Chairpersons have been able to obtain grants from bodies in their own countries to meet the cost of receptions and entertainment of participants. This is of course welcome, but no Chairperson should feel obliged to provide social hospitality. Good fellowship is not incompatible with simplicity in the arrangements.

The EUROMECH Council cannot be held responsible for any financial deficit resulting from running the Colloquium.