Scientific Programme

EUROMECH Colloquia should normally extend over three or four days, according to need. It is usually desirable to divide the programme into several sessions which allow coherent discussion of particular aspects of the Colloquium topic. In many cases introductory or review lectures are valuable, and the Chairperson may wish to ask well-qualified people to give them. Ample time should be left in the programme for breaks and for unprepared discussions. Parallel sessions are not appropriate. A Chairperson may wish to include one or two poster sessions. Some time should be set aside near the end of the Colloquium for a final discussion when some of the new developments reported at the meeting may be taken up and ideas for further lines of research considered. This final discussion might be initiated by a small panel of speakers. A possible further item for consideration is whether there is need for another Colloquium on the same or a related topic after two or three years.

Typescripts of papers presented at a Colloquium are not requested, and a volume of proceedings is not normally published. The Chairperson or one of his colleagues may think it worthwhile to prepare a report on the scientific developments discussed at a Colloquium and submit it (within a month or two, to avoid loss of topical interest) for publication in an appropriate journal. It has also occurred that papers from a Colloquium have been published in a special issue of a journal after the normal review procedure.