440Aerodynamics and Thermochemistry of High Speed Flows


16 September 2002 – 19 September 2002


Dr. J.P.Dussauge
IUSTI, Centre de Saint-Charles
12, Av. Général Leclerc, 13003 Marseille, France
E-mail: dussauge@iusti.univ-mrs.fr

Prof. A. Chikhaoui
IUSTI, Université de Provence, Marseille, France

Euromech contact person: Prof. H.H. Fernholz

The scope of the meeting covers the scientific problems relevant to supersonic and hypersonic flight, in aeronautical situations and in various phases of atmospheric re-entry. Theoretical, computational modelling and experimental studies will be considered: original experimental work, CFD methods for equilibrium and non-equilibrium flows, including direct numerical simulations and models of compressible turbulence; novel experimental methods, with emphasis on optical diagnostics. The related fields in the applications involve drag reduction, laminar and turbulent flow control, determination of aerodynamic loads, design of heat shields etc.
The aerodynamic aspects will focus on the properties of large-scale structures in situations of interest for aeronautics and aerospace. They will include compressible turbulence, laminar/turbulent transition, shock wave stability and shock interactions.
The physico-chemical aspects will include real gas effects: relaxation, kinetics and transport phenomena, with particular attention to physico-chemical and radiative processes in compressed and expanded flows. Non equilibrium flows in external or internal aerodynamics will also be considered.

Statistics of 50 participants