447Interaction phenomena in turbulent gas-particle flows


18 June 2003 – 20 June 2003


Tallinn, Estonia


Professor Martin Sommerfeld
Fachbereich Ingenieurwissenschaften, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
D-06099 Halle (Saale), Germany
E-mail: martin.sommerfeld@iw.uni-halle.de

Dr. Ph. Ülo Rudi
Director of Estonian Energy Research Institute of the Tallinn Technical University,
Paldiski Rd. 1, 10137 Tallinn, Estonia

Professor Leonid Zaichik
Head of Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling,
Russian Academy of Sciences,
Institute for High Temperatures,
Kasnokazaarmennaya 17a, 111250 Moscow, Russia

EUROMECH contact person: Prof. J. Engelbrecht

The colloquium will provide an opportunity for European scientists to present and discus new ideas, results and techniques in the field of two-phase particle-laden turbulent flows. Theoretical, experimental and computational studies of particulate flows are equally welcome. The presentations should focus on the physics of particle-turbulence interaction and turbulence modification, particle-wall and particle-particle interactions, particle coalescence and agglomeration, particle deposition, dispersion and clustering in dispersed turbulent flows.
Approaches may include Eulerian continuum and Lagrangian trajectory modelling methods, statistical kinetic PDF models, one-point and two-point turbulence closures, spectral analysis, direct and large-eddy simulations, LDA and PIV measurement techniques. Applications may range from industrial two-phase fluid dynamics to phenomena in a dusty atmosphere, clouds and liquids.

Statistics of 41 participants