449Computational Aeroacoustics: from acoustic sources modeling to far-field radiated noise prediction


9 December 2003 – 12 December 2003


Chamonix, France


Pierre Sagaut
LMM - UPMC/CNRS, Boite 162,
4 place Jussieu, 75252 Paris Cedex 05, France
E-mail: sagaut@lmm.jussieu.fr

Eric Manoha
E-mail: eric.manoha@onera.fr

EUROMECH contact person: Professor Patrick Huerre

The main purpose of the colloquium is to gather major European contributions dealing with computational aero-acoustics. This field is known to be of exponentially growing interest, in both automotive and aeronautical industries.
The principal topics will be:
● Prediction of noise generation. Several approaches have been developed recently – e.g. stochastic reconstruction, direct simulation, large eddy simulation, non-linear disturbance equations and linear stability analysis.
● Acoustic wave propagation, including direct simulation, linearised Euler equations
● Acoustic far-field prediction – Kirchoff integration, Lighthill-like models, FH-W model . . .
● Modelling of walls with acoustic treatment

Statistics of 79 participants