451Sea Wave Bottom Boundary Layer


26 October 2003 – 29 October 2003


Taormina, Italy


Professor Enrico Foti
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
University of Catania
V. le A. Doria, 6, 95125 Catania, Italy
E-mail: efoti@dica.unict.it

Professor Jorgen Fredsoe
Department of Hydrodynamics and Water Resourses,
Technical University of Denmark, Building 115, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
E-mail: fredsoe@isva.dtu.dk

EUROMECH contact person: Professor Paolo Blondeaux

The colloquium will provide opportunities for scientists from all over Europe to meet and discuss their current research on sea-bottom boundary layers. In particular, specific contributions for the turbulent closure for oscillatory turbulent boundary layers, models of wave-current interaction and the prediction of sediment movement are encouraged, with particular emphasis on experimental data. Moreover, unsteady boundary layers have been recognised as important in several fields of fluid mechanics ranging from aeronautical engineering to bio-fluid dynamics. The colloquium will, we hope, provide a good opportunity for cross-fertilisation among different communities.

Statistics of 42 participants