460Numerical Modelling of Concrete Cracking


21 February 2005 – 23 February 2005


Innsbruck, Austria


Professor G. Hofstetter
Institute for Structural Analysis and Strength of Materials
University of Innsbruck, Technikerstrasse 13
A-6020 Insbruck, Austria
Phone: +43-(0)512 507 6720
Fax: + 43-(0)512 507 2908
E-mail: guenter.hofstetter@uibk.ac.at

Prof. Günther Meschke
Institute for Structural Mechanics, Ruhr University Bochum,
Universitätsstrasse 150, D-44801 Bochum, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0)234 32 29051 Fax: +49 (0)234 32 14149
E-mail: Guenther.Meschke@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

EUROMECH contact person: Prof. F. Rammerstorfer


The reliable numerical simulation of the development of cracks in concrete plays an important role for the integrity assessment of concrete structures. To this end a large number of material models for concrete cracking based on different theories (e.g., damage mechanics, fracture mechanics, plasticity theory and combinations of the mentioned theories) as well as advanced finite element methods suitable for the representation of cracks have been developed in recent years.
The aim of the Colloquium is to review and to assess available models for the numerical simulation of concrete cracking and to discuss new approaches. Special emphasis will be put on the potentials and drawbacks of the different approaches for practical applications in Civil Engineering.