474Material Instabilities in Coupled Problems


30 August 2005 – 1 September 2005


Troyes, France


Prof. A. Benallal
LMT-Cachan, 61 Avenue du Président Wilson
F-94235, Cachan, France
Phone: +33-(0)1 47 40 27 39, Fax: +33-(0)1 47 40 22 40
E-mail: benalla@lmt.ens-cachan.fr

Prof. D. Bigoni
Trento University, Italy

EUROMECH contact person: Prof. P. Huerre


Material instabilities are an important topic in the understanding of localisation and rupture phenomena. There has been a huge amont of work in this field in the last decades in solid mechanics, limited however only to the solid itself. There is a need in including in the localisation process various physical phenomena and their couplings to the mechanical behaviour of the solid. Thermal effects and thermo-mechanical couplings are one fundamental example. But corrosion phenomena, electromagnetic effects and hydromechnical effects are other important features that need to be incorporated in various applications.

The main objective of the colloquium is to address these various couplings and their effects in the developments and growth of instabilities leading to localisation and failure in solids in the plastic and viscoplastic regimes.

All physical couplings are welcomed. Also, all type are materials are included. Finally, the colloquium will consider experimental, modelling and numerical issues.