490Dynamics and Stability of Thin Liquid Films and Slender Jets


19 September 2007 – 21 September 2007


Imperial College, London, UK


Dr. Omar K. Matar
Department of Chemical Engineering
Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ

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Richard V. Craster 
Imperial College London

Andreas Münch 
Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin

Thomas P. Witelski 
Oxford University

Thin liquid films and slender jets or threads are of central importance to numerous industrial, biomedical and daily-life applications and their dynamics have received considerable attention in the literature. The last few years have witnessed a great deal of activity and the aim of this colloquium is to examine the latest developments in this exciting area with a particular focus on flow instabilities, complex dynamics and pattern formation. Areas of particular interest will include films (single and multi-layers) driven by capillarity, Marangoni stresses (due to thermo- and soluto-capillarity), gravitation and centrifugal forces, electric fields, intermolecular forces, as well as single or compound jets undergoing breakup and satellite formation, in the presence of thermal gradients, surface active additives and electric fields. Situations where the films and jets are made from a complex material exhibiting highly non-Newtonian rheology will also be of interest. Both modelling and experimental contributions are welcome.