513Dynamics of non-spherical particles in fluid turbulence


6 April 2011 – 8 April 2011


Udine, Italy


Prof. Helge I. Andersson
Department of Energy and Process Engineering
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
7491 Trondheim

phone: +47 73 59 35 56
fax: +47 73 59 34 91
email: helge.i.andersson@ntnu.no


Prof. Alfredo Soldati
Center for Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics 
University of Udine
Via delle Scienze 208
33100 Udine

phone: +39 0432 558020; 
fax: +39 0432 558027
email: soldati@uniud.it

The colloquium is organized also under the auspices of ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group 43 ''Fibre Suspension Flows''.
Dynamics of non-spherical particles in fluid flow are encountered both in nature and in industrial applications, e.g. airborne solid particles or aerosols, carbon nanotubes, micro-organisms like phytoplankton, sediment-laden flows and wood-fibre suspensions. The scope of the colloquium includes both studies and modeling of the dynamical behaviour of non-spherical particles as well as the modulation of the turbulence field brought about by the particles. The focus will be on generic aspects and physics of particulate turbulent flows, be it computer simulations, laboratory or field measurements, and theoretical studies. Among the topics to be included are particle dynamics in free and wall-bounded turbulence, fluid-particle interactions, collision modelling, agglomeration, advances in measurement and simulation techniques, and rheological modelling.