529Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics


27 June 2011 – 29 June 2011


Cagliari, Italy




Prof. Giorgio Querzoli
Dipartimento di Ingegneria del Territorio,
Università di Cagliari
Via Marengo 3
09123 Cagliari

email: querzoli@unica.it


Dr. Philip J. Kilner
CMR Unit, Royal Brompton Hospital
London SW3 6NP

phone: +44 207 351 8808
fax: +44 207 351 8816
email: p.kilner@rbht.nhs.uk

Prof. Gianni Pedrizzetti
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale
Piazzale Europa, 1
34127 Trieste 

phone: +39 040 5587875
fax: +39 040 572082
email: giannip@dica.units.it

The application of physical, mathematical and engineering concepts to the improvement of clinical practice is a challenging task. This meeting aims to bring together researchers from different fields of cardiovascular fluid dynamic research with the goal of characterizing and advancing work that addresses real clinical needs. Topics include: fluid dynamics of the heart, large arteries and microcirculation, effect of prosthesis and surgical procedures on flow, multi-scale models and networks. Presentations are expected to cover theoretical aspects, computational models, and experimental techniques, including clinical measurements and interfacing with medical imaging. Discussions are planned towards improved interaction with clinical researchers.