540Advanced Modelling of Wave Propagation in Solids


1 October 2012 – 3 October 2012


Prague, Czech Republic




 Dr. Radek Kolman
Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, v. v. i.
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Dolejškova 1402/5
182 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic

phone: +420 266 053 442
fax: +420 286 584 695
email: kolman@it.cas.cz


 Dr. Arkadi Berezovski
Centre for Nonlinear Studies
Institute of Cybernetics at Tallinn University of Technology
Akadeemia tee, 21
12618 Tallinn, Estonia




 The EUROMECH Colloquium 540 aims to bring together engineers and scientists with interest in modelling of wave propagation in solids. The Colloquium will concentrate on topics related to effects of linear and non-linear waves in solids, to solitary waves, to strongly dispersive wave propagation in inhomogeneous solids and to waves in materials with microstructures, etc. Attention will also be devoted to up-to-date formulations of non-linear constitutive equations in wave propagation problems, thermomechanical couplings, finite strains, strain rate effects, viscoplasticity, damage, phase transformations, and to descriptions of material response under complex thermomechanical loading.

The wave propagation modelling is based on analytical and numerical methods both having their inherent scopes of validity that has to be subjected to verification analysis.
The recent advances and properties of numerical approaches and strategies should also be discussed. The main purpose of the Colloquium is to discuss novel and recent methods of wave propagation modelling and to consider expected credibility of results especially in cases when comparison with those of experiment is not available. Theoretical, computational as well as experimental contributions on the wave propagation are welcome. Reporting about projects not brought to their final states is appreciated, since an important objective of the meeting is to stimulate and assist current research in wave propagation problems in solids.

The EUROMECH Colloquium 540 intends to concentrate on topics such as
• Linear and non-linear waves in solids, waves in strongly dispersive media, solitary waves.
• Wave propagation in inhomogeneous materials and in materials with microstructures.
• Wave propagation modelling with non-linear constitutive equations, dynamic response of materials under complex thermomechanical loading.
• Recent development of analytical and numerical methods of wave propagation problems in solids.
• Verification and validation of modern numerical methods, analysis of their accuracy and stability.
• Experimental techniques in wave propagation in solids, destructive and nondestructive testing, determination of dynamic behavior of materials.