545Frontiers in Finite Deformation Electromechanics


21 May 2013 – 24 May 2013


Tu Dortmund University, Germany




Prof.  Andreas Menze
Institute of Mechanics
Technische Universitaat Dortmund
Leonard Euler Str. 5
Dortmund, Germany

phone: +49 231 7557978
fax: +49 231 7552688
email: christina.mcdonagh@tu-dortmund.de


Prof.  Ellen Kuh
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305

phone.: +1 650 450 0855
fax: +1 650 725 1587
email: ekuhl@stanford.edu

Prof.  Serdar Goktepe
Department of Civil Engineering
Middle East Technical University
06800 Ankara

phone : +90 312 210 2441
fax: +90 312 210 5401
email: sgoktepe@metu.edu.tr

 Experimental investigation, modeling and simulation of smart materials attract a continuously growing research community from mechanics, biomechanics, material science and applied mathematics. The goal of this EUROMECH colloquium is to actively bring researchers in these fields together and to focus on the modeling and simulation of electro-mechanically coupled materials as well as of magneto-electromechanical continua, both at large deformations.
The colloquium is intended to focus on different fields of applications, with emphasis on theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects. Typical examples for classes of materials considered are electro-active and magneto-active polymers, as well as composites thereof, and active biological tissues such as muscles or the human heart.