555Small-scale numerical methods for multi-phase flows


28 August 2013 – 30 August 2013


Bordeaux, France


 Prof. Stéphane Vincent

16, avenue Pey-Berland
33607 Pessac Cedex, France

phone: +33 5 40 00 27 07
fax: +33 5 40 00 66 68
email: vincent@enscbp.fr


Prof. Ruben Scardovelli
University of Bologna
Via Zamboni, 33 
40126 Bologna

 The numerical simulation of multi-phase flows involving immiscible phases generally considers the interaction between an ambient fluid and another phase (solid particles, droplets, bubbles, films, sprays, jets). Either deformable grids, which are adapted to the interface, or fixed grids, with an independent representation of the interface, such as front-tracking, volume-of-fluid, level-set and phase-field, can be used to investigate these flows. The direct numerical simulation
(DNS) of multi-phase flows can be achieved with different mathematical models (Navier-Stokes, Boltzmann, Saint-Venant, Smooth-Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)) with emphasis on different physical aspects of the flow (representation of the capillary force with constant and variable surface tension, phase change, wettability and contact lines, and more complex phenomena involving electric and magnetic fields). Other topics of interest to the colloquium are the large-eddy simulation (LES) and the multi-scale modeling of multi-phase flows.

The main goal of this colloquium is to bring together developers and users of different numerical approaches and codes to share their experience in the development and validation of the algorithms and discuss the difficulties and limitations of the different methods and their pros and cons. The focus will be mainly on fixed-grid methods, however adaptive and unstructured grids are also welcome with the aim to compare and validate the different approaches. Three invited speakers will participate under invitation of the organizing committee. Forty to sixty invited participants are expected during three days during plenary sessions only.