560Mechanics of Biological Membranes


8 February 2015 – 12 February 2015


Ascona, Switzerland


Prof. Edoardo Mazza
ETH Zurich
LEO C16, ETH Zentrum
8092 Zurich


phone: +41 446 325574
fax: +41 44 6321145
email: emazza@ethz.ch


Prof. Jean-François. Ganghoffer
LEMTA, Université de Lorraine
Avenue de la Forêt de Haye 2
54518 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy


phone: +33 383595724
fax : +33 383595551
email: jean-francois.Ganghoffer@univ-lorraine.fr

Fundamental studies in biology and medical research motivate investigations aimed at characterizing, understanding and modeling the mechanical behavior of biological membranes. Arterial walls, capsule of abdominal organs, amnion, eardrum, heart valve leaflets, skin are example of membranous tissue. Bio-membranes are essential constituents of biological cells. Bio-membranes inspire the development of synthetic materials and engineered tissues or implants with comparable mechanical performance (deformability, toughness) as the corresponding native tissues.
The themes to be addressed include: (i) continuum , fiber networks, multi-scale models, micromechanical or statistical approaches to fibers-matrix interaction; (ii) experimental techniques for mechanical characterization; (iii) methods for the visualization of microstructure and mechanisms of deformation.