562Stability and control of nonlinear vibrating systems


25 May 2015 – 29 May 2015


Sperlonga, Italy




Prof. Angelo Luongo
Director of M&MoCS - International Research Center for Mathematics & Mechanics of Complex Systems
Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
University of L'Aquila, Via Giovanni Gronchi 18
L'Aquila 67100, Italy


phone: (+39) 3346175371
fax: (+39) 0862 434548
email: angelo.luongo@univaq.it


Dr. Sara Casciati
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering-DICA
University of Catania at Siracusa, Italy


email: saracasciati@msn.com


The aim of the proposed Colloquium consists of bringing together scientists with interest in the topics of Structural Stability and Structural Control. In the past, several Euromech colloquia were held on these two topics but the two communities were kept separated. Bridging together the main results obtained on the common case-studies, such as flexible light structures and cables, might lead to interesting developments and will likely improve a common understanding of the state of the art, the latest trends, and the common terminology for both topics. The focus is placed on nonlinear vibrating systems, where nonlinearity arises from the large oscillations induced by external excitation of stochastic or deterministic nature
on the studied mechanical system. Applications in these areas will be welcome, as will cuttingedge research in interdisciplinary problems involving civil, mechanical and aerospace engineering.