569Multiscale modeling of fibrous and textile materials


5 April 2016 – 7 April 2016


Chatenay-Malabry, France




Dr. Damien Durville
Ecole Centrale Paris
Laboratoire MSSMat - UMR CNRS 8579
Grande Voie des Vignes
92290 Châtenay-Malabry, France

email: damien.durville@ecp.fr 


Prof. Stepan Lomov
Structural Composites and Alloys,
Integrity and Nondestructive Testing
Kasteelpark Arenberg 44 - box 2450
3001 Leuven, Belgium


email: stepan.lomov@mtm.kuleuven.be

Woven, non-woven, knitted, braided 2D or 3D textiles, cables, felts, mats, scaffolds, biological tissues… are fibrous materials or structures that are widely used in many applications. Their mechanics is complex and still not very well understood and modelled. For the two last decades, there has been a growing research activity in this domain, induced by recent techniques to characterise and to simulate meso/micro/nano-structures and deformation micro-mechanisms within such complex semi-discrete systems.
The proposed EUROMECH Colloquium will be a proper meeting point to establish a state of start and to exchange the different approaches aimed at tackling tough problems related to the mechanics of fibrous materials and structures at various scales, in order to meet the growing need for characterization, modelling and simulation of the behaviour of this kind of structures.
The relative motions allowed between elementary components (fibres, fibre bundles….), the complex arrangements of fibres or filaments according to different hierarchical levels, the influence of contact-friction interactions, rearrangements and environmental conditions on the macroscopic behaviour are some of the key problematic features characterizing these materials and structures in the scope of the conference.
Thus, the conference will be dedicated to approaches dealing with:
- the identification and geometrical description of the meso/micro/nanostructures of fibrous media;
- the identification and characterization of the mechanical properties of fibres fibre-fibre contacts, and fibre assemblies at various scales;
- the modeling and simulation of the mechanics of fibrous media at their various constitutive scales.
The conference will cover applications such as papers and boards, fibrous insulating materials, woven and knitted fabrics used as fibrous reinforcements in composites, textile ropes, smart fibrous materials, fibrous biomaterials, biological fibrous tissues.