589Turbulent Cascades II


5 December 2017 – 7 December 2017


Lyon, France

Most of environmental and industrial flows are turbulent, and in turbulence the concept of turbulent cascade is the key idea. From the classical works of Taylor, Kolmogorov, Heisenberg, Onsager on how the statistical universality may arise at small scales, this concept continues to evoke a very considerable interest. In recent decades, new physical ideas free from classical assumptions (as statistical stationarity, for example), has been imbedded in the concept of turbulent cascade, with support by experiments and numerical simulations. These justified gathering experts from the turbulence field in the framework of the Euromech/ERCOFTAC workshop “Turbulent Cascades” in Lille (2-4 December 2015). Its success was underlined by all participants: the open exchange between the participants was so animated, so fruitful and so actual that there has been a strong motivation to pursue the Lille’s initiative and to organize a new meeting on this fascinating and complex subject.