594Bone remodeling: multiscale mechanical models and multiphysical aspects


15 May 2018 – 19 May 2018


Nancy, France




Prof. Jean-François Ganghoffer
LEMTA – Université de Lorraine
2, Avenue de la Forêt de Haye
BP 160 - 54504 Vandoeuvre Cedex, France

phone : +33 03 83595724.
fax : +33 03 83595551.
email: Jean-francois.ganghoffer@univ-lorraine.fr


Prof. Michal Nowak

PUT Division of Virtual Engineering
Poznan University of Technology
ul. Piotrowo 3 
60-965 Poznan, Poland 
phone: +4861 665 2041 
fax: +4861 665 2618 
email: Michal.Nowak@put.poznan.pl

 The objective of the Colloquium is to bring together researchers amongst the computational and experimental mechanics and biomechanics community to exchange the latest achievements as well as recent research work in the field of bone remodeling. The Colloquium shall provide state-of-the-art information in the domain of bone mechanics, focusing on bone remodeling and bone adaptation as a core topic. One aspect of special importance is the design of bone scaffold, a topic of interest for both clinicians and engineers.

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