612Separation control in high-speed flows – mechanisms, methods, and application


15 September 2020 – 18 September 2020


Aachen, Germany




Anne-Marie Schreyer
Institute of Aerodynamics
RWTH Aachen University

email: a.schreyer@aia.rwth-aachen.de


Holger Babinsky
Engineering Department
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, CB2 1PZ

 Flow separation in high-speed flows significantly influences the aerodynamic behavior and functionality of many technical applications, especially in the domain of aerospace transportation and propulsion. To mitigate the associated detrimental effects and consequentially allow increased operational ranges and lighter designs, separation control is needed. The development of effective and efficient separation control with real potential for industrial application requires the successful integration of a variety of research areas and approaches. An understanding of fundamental flow physics is as essential for targeted control measures as an awareness of their sensitivity to the relevant control parameters and requirements of engineering applications. This colloquium provides a platform for discussion and scientific exchange between the leading scientists and experts in the field pursuing basic research, applied research, and development of industrial solutions. It will therefore advance the general understanding of the flow physics in separation control and its potential for engineering applications, as well as encourage closer collaborations.

Topics to be included are:

  • Phenomena, structures, and mechanisms, in high-speed flows with separation
  • Passive and active control strategies and methods
  • Physics of separation control
  • Successful collaborations between experimental and numerical approaches – success factors
  • Potential of current control approaches to practical applications


Statistics of 24 participants