632Data-driven modeling of porous, composite and polycrystalline microstructures for predicting their mechanical and transport properties


20 September 2023 – 22 September 2023


Ulm, Germany




Matthias Neumann
Institute of Stochastics
Ulm University
Helmholtzstraße 18
89069 Ulm, Germany


Email: matthias.neumann@uni-ulm.de


François Willot
MINES ParisTech
Centre for Mathematical Morphology
35 rue St-Honoré
77300 Fontainebleau

Email: francois.willot@minesparis.psl.eu




Paul Shearing
Department of Chemical Engineering
University College London
Torrington Place
London WC1E 7JE

Email: p.shearing@ucl.ac.uk

This EUROMECH colloquium focuses on recent advances in the field of data-driven microstructure modeling and addresses a wide type of materials and applications: porous, composite and polycrystalline media, mechanical and transport properties. In particular, contributions related to machine learning and stochastic microstructure modeling, generation of digital twins, numerical simulation of effective properties, AI-based methods for characterizing, predicting or optimizing mechanical and transport properties, as well as elucidating process-microstructure and microstructure-property relationships are welcome. A special focus of the colloquium is on modeling with applications to electro-chemical devices.