641Non-smooth Dynamical Systems


11 December 2023 – 13 December 2023


Dublin, Ireland




Dr. Aasifa Rounak
School of Mechanical and Mechanical Engineering
University College Dublin
Belfield, Dublin 4

Email: aasifa.rounak@ucd.ie


Prof. Grzegorz Litak
Lublin University of Technology, Poland

Prof. Vikram Pakrashi
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering,
University College Dublin, Ireland

Prof. Przemyslaw Perlikowski
Fculty of Mechanical Engineering
Lodz University of Technology
Lodz, Poland


The theoretical and applied insights of the dynamical systems community into issues where non-smoothness occurs naturally will be brought together in this Colloquium. The major themes would include:

Foundational: Fundamental theory, studies around challenging basic assumptions, geometry, stability, bifurcations, emergent phenomena, development of analytical methods and numerical implementations. Example topics include, but are not limited to perturbations, stochasticity, un-modelled and hidden dynamics.

Applications: Experimental/numerical modeling of instances of vibro-impact and stick-slip dynamics- For instance, heat exchanger tubes, floating ice with rolling ships, rubbing between stator and rotor blades in turbo machinery, hand held percussion machines, loosely fitted joints, gear-pair systems with backlash and free-play, pile drivers, automotive braking, ship mooring lines and fenders etc.

Statistics of 25 participants